Located in Perth, Western Australia; Seja Design understand small business web design

Why Choose Seja Web Design

We listen to what you want

The first part of the design phase is working out what the goals of your new site are and what kind of colour scheme you would like to use. Of course your current branding is important so if you have existing business cards or letterheads please bring them along.

We discuss options and work out the best solution for you

After all, there is no point in spending extra money rebuilding a site that wasn't right for you. We start by setting up WordPress, develop it using a custom built theme and add in the necessary third party plugins.
WordPress is great because it allows you to:

  • Start small, and expand
    WordPress allows you to add pages as you need. Start with a basic About and Contact page, and build from there
  • Add functionality
    Using Plugins allows you to expand the scope of WordPress with Shopping Carts, Image Galleries, Newsletters, practically anything you can think of
  • Easily manage your content
    Using a simple Web Interface, WordPress acts like an online word processor
  • Mange Images
    It's easy to upload images and you can even crop, rotate and edit images directly within WordPress

We write clean code which will improve your search engine results

There are many word processor and software packages that will create web pages but the code they write is bloated and will affect your performance in the search engines. A good web designer will write code that is lean and compliant with the latest guidelines.
At Seja Design, we take pride in our coding and it's a difference that will show up in your search results.
Our WordPress templates have SEO functionality built in and if you choose to engage an SEO professional they will be able to work efficiently without having to make drastic changes to the site structure.

We use an ethical billing system that means you only pay for the work that is done.

Don't pay for time that isn't being used. We use time recording software to track your design project and only charge for the time taken to complete. With three minute billing increments, you won't get charged for a full hour on small jobs.
If a minor update is made and it only takes a few minutes then that is all you will be charged for. Invoices are generally created once the billing amount goes over one hour or at the end of the financial year.

We offer hosting and domain registration and free management of your website

Through our sister business we can provide you will a full service including hosting and competitive priced domain registration. While our hosting packages are self-manageable we're happy to manage the account at no additional cost.

We provide strong local support

We're a small design studio - and that's the way we like it! Knowing all our clients personally means you're not just a number but a valuable part of our business.