Our full package websites include everything you need to get your business online

$895 Full Website Special

Seja Design will custom build your website and upload the site for you
Basic sites include -

  • WordPress website including design and layouts.
  • We create up to 10 pages, you add the content*
  • Contact page and form if required
  • Uploading onto our server and testing.
  • One year of hosting on our Presshost server
  • One year .com or .com.au domain registration **

* Page includes the page title and link to menu. One 'test' page will be added to allow us to format the page.
** See [2] for full details

The basic points of this offer

  • The initial consultation must be done at our office or via telephone. Additional charges will apply for ALL external consultations to cover our travel time. [1]
  • Subsequent consultations are by phone or email. Office consultations are charged at our standard rate.
  • A $300 non-refundable starting deposit is required prior to commencement upon which we will register the domain name and set up your hosting account.
  • Depending on the size of the project, progress payments will be required with the balance is due after your site goes live and any minor adjustments have been tended to. Any minor adjustments must be requested within one week of the site going live.
  • The price includes the following -
    • Domain Registration if required to the value of $24 [2]
    • Hosting for one year ($149 value) [3]
    • One layout and one adjustments [4]
    • HTML coding of site template, including responsive design
    • Content Population [5]
    • Uploading and testing
  • Price allows for 10 hours of production time [6]
  • Price does not include copy writing [7] or supply of stock photography [8] which should be supplied by you, the client.
  • All coding remains the property of Seja Design until final payment is received.
  • Copyright is automatic. Once final payment is received Seja Design will not make any claims of copyright ownership.
  • Seja Design reserve the right to decline the work (or terminate any agreement you may have with us[9]) if we feel your website requirements are unethical, illegal or where we are aware of direct copyright infringements of another site.

This offer does not include all available options, we recommend you use our Online Quote Form to get a better estimate

Full Terms and Conditions

  1. Consultations
    1. Price includes a single initial consultation. Additional charges will apply for further consultations or any external travel.
    2. You are welcome to contact us via email or telephone as much as is required to finish the site.
    3. We have a 'fair use' policy and reserve the right to charge time on excessive phone appointments.
  2. Domain Registration
    1. We will register the Top Level Domain of your choice (.com or .net) for one year at no charge. (A saving of $25)
    2. The registration period for your domain account is one year. At the end of the initial registration period you will receive an invoice for the upcoming period.
    3. For other domain types we will apply a credit of up-to $25 towards the total cost of the domain.
    4. We will only provide a free domain for the minimum registration period (in most cases, 1 year. Australian domains are on a fixed 2 year cycle)
    5. The domain requested must be the one you are using for the site. Having a previously registered domain name will not qualify for the free domain name.
    6. We will not apply discounts if you do not require a domain or the required domain is less than $25 per year.
  3. Hosting
    1. Press-Hosting is provided within this offer for $15 (a saving of $134).
    2. Hosting is for a one year period and is established at the same time as your domain registration (or on receipt of your deposit). After the first year the usual fee applies for your hosting account.
    3. Please be aware that you will receive invoices from Presshost during the setup of the domain and hosting, however these will be paid from your starting deposit. Discounts for the hosting (and free domain) will be added to your final invoice.
  4. Layouts
    1. We allow 10 hours of production time to complete your site (see [6] below). To stay within that budget constraint we will create an initial single layout which we will email to you. This layout will be in the form of a .jpg image and is a representation of the site only.
    2. The layout mock-up image will generally not contain any of the site content (such as text or photography) unless
      1. It has already been supplied by the client AND
      2. Not adding in the content will give an unrealistic representation of the site design.
    3. The purpose of this mock-up is to demonstrate the fixed page elements, such as menus, header and footer images and backgrounds and will be of the home page only.
    4. Once you have received the initial layout you are encouraged to review it and make any changes that are required.
    5. A second layout is provided for adjustments, based on the feedback you give us upon reviewing the layout.
    6. As the initial layout is based on what was discussed in our initial consultation we expect this layout to be close to what you require however we accept that, as with any artistic endeavour, sometimes it is necessary to rebuild the layout from scratch. If this is the case we will not charge you for the additional time taken to re-draw this first layout however we will charge additional costs for any subsequent adjustments after the second layout.
  5. Content Population
    1. The Self Added Content package does not include content population, however we will create up to 10 pages and build the menu structure. Other than a title, nine of these pages will be blank and one will contain filler or 'test' text to allow us to format your template
    2. Other packages include content population; meaning we will add text and images to your site. You are responsible for providing any content as set out in point 7 and 8 below
      To try and better estimate your quote these are divided into three packages, however they are essentially the same thing.
    3. Basic Content means we will copy and paste your content from a Word document. Minor formatting such as bold and italics should copy across, however we recommend you check for accuracy.
      Basic Content also includes placement of up to 10 images, to be supplied by the client
      We will add the images to your site 'as is' as a single image using the standard WordPress positionings (left, right, center and none). You may decide to place multiple images on one page as a gallery. This will also be done using WordPress defaults
    4. Standard Content includes the basics, along with an additional 10 images (20 total). Images will be web-optimised for faster loading prior to uploading.
      A call-to-action button can be included on the home page.
      Additional formatting such as highlight colours for text and custom positioning can be used.
    5. Custom Content is required if you need a lot of content formatting or custom graphic images for the pages.
    6. WordPress sites allow you to self-manage your content. We can provide training on how to use WordPress in our office for a small additional charge.
    7. Ongoing Content Management: We understand that sometimes you do not have the time to manage your site. If you require ongoing support we can provide that at our standard hourly rate ($88 GST inclusive). You only pay for the time taken and we bill in three minute increments.
  6. Production
    1. As of 1 March 2017, we have increased the production time from six (6) to ten (10) hours. This is due to the increasing complexity of requested site design to reduce the risk of the project going over budget, however...
    2. If the work exceeds this ten hour limit you will be charged at the standard rate (currently $88 per hour GST Inc).
    3. If we feel your project will take longer than 10 hours we will do our best to advise you at the start however there are occasions where a site will take longer than anticipated. This can be due to (but not limited to)
      • Major design changes mid-way through the development process
      • Unexpected additional content or content with heavier formatting that originally envisaged
      • Inclusions of large numbers of images that require adjustments or manipulation.
    4. You should be aware that content that is graphically heavy or with complex typesetting requirements will affect the overall cost
  7. Copy Writing
    1. All text is to be provided by the client
    2. Text is not to be plagiarised or copied from another site, competitors documentation or any other media (see [9], below)
    3. We will use information from suppliers’ sites, documentation or media if your supplier has given their express permission to use their content.
    4. We are not liable for any production delays that may occur if copy is not available to us.
  8. Stock Photography
    1. Images should be provided by the client.
    2. We can also supply stock images from iStockphoto or from our personal supply.
    3. You should always be aware of copyright if you are sourcing images from the Internet yourself.
  9. Termination due to Copyright Violations, illegal activities, etcetera
    1. We reserve the right to cancel any project that violates someone else’s copyright or the purpose of the site is illegal in Australia.
    2. If we exercise this right we will not provide any refunds and will invoice for any outstanding charges HOWEVER we will allow you to rectify any copyright violations first. Furthermore, if we have already completed the content population of your site and we have to re-write the content we will charge you for these changes at our standard hourly rate.
    3. You indemnify Seja Design from any legal action that may occur due to these any violation of copyright or any other issue.

This price is accurate as at 1 March 2017. We reserve the right to adjust the price on this offer at any time however any adjustments will not apply to work already in production. Work is considered "in production" once an initial deposit has been made.

If delays occur that are beyond our control we will finalise the project and invoice you for any outstanding monies three months after the start date. We may, at our discretion, issue a time credit for uncompleted work and apply it when the content becomes available.