WordPress templates and WordPress as a Content Management System

WordPress Design

We can't stop talking about WordPress – Yes, we're pretty boring at parties but once you've started using WordPress you'll understand why we sing its praises.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an Open Source web platform that started out as an easy to maintain system for bloggers to update their content. The latest version however, is a fantastic Content Management System capable of adapting to many different needs. Despite the rich possibilities that are now available through WordPress it still maintains its simplicity which means there is no steep learning curve needed.

If fact, if you're using a word processing program, sending email through a web interface such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, or using social media sites then you already have the basic knowledge to use WordPress.

A WordPress install is ideally suited to any website that requires regular updating such as news sites, journals, recipe pages and family home pages.

If you're after a simple content driven site or you want to use one of the many plugins to extend WordPress, Seja Design can help. We can create and install and create a custom WordPress website for you and demonstrate it's use. We also have online tutorials to help you with your WordPress site, as well as hints and tricks.

Our Custom WordPress templates

Our WordPress templates are designed specifically for your business and built on our own framework. This framework has evolved over the last four years based on the needs of our clients.

The current version of our framework supports

  • Multiple column layouts
    Single column, 2 and 3 columns, custom footers.
  • Social media
    Facebook and Twitter feeds, links to other social networking sites
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    Custom meta tags, Automatic XML sitemaps, Automatically generated titles or the ability to add your own title on every page, Search friendly URL's
  • Custom sidebar content
    Our custom sidebar widget allows you to create individual sidebar text on a page by page basis
  • Easy embedding of YouTube content
    Click and paste, customisable site wide or individually*
    *requires manually adding to the shortcode

We can also customise features and build in additional applications if required.